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Pinch, Punch, First of the Month!!

My wife got to me first this morning. A pinch and a punch even before the last of yesterday's pancake mix had hit the pan! I can't quite believe that March is here already and another birthday approaches. I don't know about you but somehow the first three months of the year tend to pass by rather faster than the final autumnal moons. And it's not just because I've been busier this year than last.

So! This is my first blog ... ever. I'll tell you what's in store for today. The administrative chores have already been attended to [he writes, smugly]; Emails, updating accounts etc. A search for my teaching diploma certificate is underway. I'll need it if I am going to be teaching tomorrow's actors their weekly Voice classes.

Being a voice artist is mostly a solitary existence. If you have a home-based studio it's quite feasible to deliver copy in your keks and slipper-socks, which is fine providing you're not getting simultaneous voice direction from USA via Skype! Seriously though, being in your padded cell ... Err .. I mean studio, all day, can result in a growing resemblance to Robinson Crusoe! I'll be allowing someone with a pair of scissors to re-style my plentiful locks by sundown but not before the eagerly anticipated webinar from Gravy For The Brain at 3.30pm. More on GFTB next time ...

Ahem! Testing 1-2-3 ... See you next time.

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